Organic, sustainable, astonishingly fair and utterly delicious. All at once. "impossible!" you cry?  

Our Organic Chocolate

Our Organic Chocolate
Deliciously snappable, guideline-free chocolate, with a twist.
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our organic coffee

Wake up to an entirely new take on coffee
what's the story?

We are the impossible.

Every one of us has the power to elevate others through the food we eat.

We’re on a mission to magic dreams into truths, to siphon fuel into fair trade’s tank, and to encourage a fair bit of hat-eatery along the way. How? By making incomparably delicious things out of sustainably-grown, organic ingredients that transform lives. We’re fairer than fair, totally see-through, and ingenious food alchemy entrepreneurs. All at once.

It’s food wizardry. Taste it. It’s GLORIOUS.

Too good to be true?

Prepare to Eat Your Hat.

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