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Our Organic Chocolate

Chocolate. Such a lovely word to say and a surprisingly satisfying thing to snap. Ours is organic, sustainable, fair trade and rather dashing – and we have seven remarkable recipes for you to try.

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Our Organic Chocolate

We source all our organic, fairtrade cocoa beans from smallholder farmers in São Tomé, Peru, Dominican Republic and Bolivia.

Adding some rather ravishing, off-the-wall ingredients and excluding the nasty emulsifiers that so many makers feel pressed to use (to speed up the process), we then turn the cocoa into thin tablets of chocolate. No clunkily chunky bars. Because thin chocolate has a much smoother melt, making for a far better chocolate-devouring experience. And we don’t add snap guidelines... for how can we know how much you fancy nibbling on today? We can’t.

You are a unique human, after all.

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