We Are Impossible

We Are Impossible.

Every one of us has the power to elevate others through the food we eat.

We’re on a mission to magic dreams into truths, to siphon fuel into fair trade’s tank, and to encourage a fair bit of hat-eatery along the way. How? By making incomparably delicious things out of sustainably-grown, organic ingredients that transform lives. We’re fairer than fair, totally see-through, and ingenious food alchemy entrepreneurs. All at once.

It’s food wizardry. Taste it. It’s GLORIOUS.

Too good to be true?

Prepare to Eat Your Hat.

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We’re all about being ‘astonishingly fair’ – and this starts with trading incredibly fairly. Taste spices from our pals in Sri Lanka, cocoa from São Tomé – an island of underdogs fiercely fighting the child-slavery beast, and organic sugar from The Philippines, where farmers who once fought with supervillains over their own land now reforest their hillsides in peace. We’ve got their backs. And they’ve got ours.

Because did you know that it’s possible to buy fair trade chocolate that doesn’t physically include any ingredients grown by a fair trade farmer at all? As more and more companies have stuck their sticky fingers in the fair trade pie, systems have been adapted.

The whole thing’s all gone a bit blurry for the average Joe.

It’s now common for companies to buy a lump sum of fair trade cocoa or sugar and mix it with their unfair stash. They then label the same lump sum of finished products with the Fairtrade Mark, even if none of the ethically-sourced ingredients went into that actual product. This happens more than you’d think. It’s financial traceability, not physical traceability. Cunning, that.

But we’re totally transparent. You can see right through us (*blush*) and we like it that way. Fair trade sea salt, turmeric, cardamon… All bringing their own fairer than fair deliciousness to our inventive recipes. The only spoon we’re stirring is the one dipped in the cooking pot of unforgettable ethical food alchemy.

But what we do is also about being fair to the planet, too. When it comes to astonishingly earth-friendly food that transcends the everyday, we know our stuff. Good soil (the gorgeous squidgy natural kind) means healthy food year in and year out, so we’ll always be organic. We never use nasty GMOs ‘gifted’ to growers by multinationals who sting them later if they’re not used. No funny business. We’re focussed on whipping up incredible edibles that don’t harm the environment. We wear our thinking-caps to come up with kooky ways to use recyclable and compostable packaging in almost everything we make. Even the gold film hugging our chocolate tablets is plant-based.

So that’s us. To make the usual ethical claims is pretty standard these days, but that’s why we’re remarkable. We go further than fair. We’re the living, breathing unbelievable.

All this in one astonishingly tasty bite or slurp? Impossible you cry?

Eat Your Hat.

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Astonishingly fair

We make ridiculously delicious things out of ethical ingredients that make people happier and keep the environment in good shape – tasting all the more glorious for it.

*You spotted me! Want to know a secret? We’re masterminded by those fair trade pioneers, Traidcraft. They helped to invent fair trade once, and now they’re doing it again. Neat.

Don’t keep it under your hat. Spread the word.